Student Wellbeing

Student Welfare

Tarneit P-9 College

Student Welfare

The College provides a comprehensive array of student welfare teams aimed at supporting students and families.

The team provides specialist advice and targeted programs aimed at supporting student learning and well-being.

Wellbeing Group Programs

CASEA Program
CASEA (CAMHS and School: Early Action Program) group program. CASEA is an early intervention group program supporting students exhibiting challenging behaviours. The program works on themes such as, expressing one’s feelings, strong emotions, problem solving strategies, evaluating the consequences of actions, assertiveness skills, as well as the importance of sharing, turn-taking and friendly behaviours.

Wellbeing days/activities such as:
• Day for Daniel Morcombe- Child Safety Awareness
• Hope Tour motivational assembly
• Headspace anti-bullying workshops
• Tuning into Kids parenting program (TBC for 2018)
• Peer mediation program • Project Rockit
• Wheeltalk
• Respectful Relationships Program by Undercurrent
• Cybersafety Program – Ryan King
• Charis Mentoring Rugby Program

Groups to address emotional/social issues such as:
• Resilience • Anxiety/worry • Anger • Grief & Loss
• Teamwork/communication – Drumbeat group program

Groups to address communication difficulties:
• Oral Language Program
• Phonological Awareness
• Social Skills