Our canteen currently operates between 8:50am and 2:30pm each day.
The Canteen Manager is Marlo. She and her friendly staff look forward to serving you.

Click here for College Canteen Menu

Online Orders:

You can also order your child's lunch online with My School Connect. Please click on the link below and follow the instructions. 

MSC Online Canteen Orders

All lunch orders must be received by 8.30am on the day of ordering.


Lunch Bag Orer Process:Please write child’s name, grade and room number on a paper bag along with amount enclosed. Lunch bags cost 20c.

If correct money is NOT enclosed a deduction or an alternative will be given.
Children will need to collect any ordered ice cream from the Canteen, by bringing their lunch bag.

Canteen Staff Members:

Marlo Balchan, Tania Timothy, Dot Gleeson, Pam Stojcevski and Andrea Sewell.