OUR SCHOOL - Policies



Policy informs the college community of the college’s position on a particular issue. Policies are not school level operations and procedures. Most routine matters are dealt with via procedures and do not require a policy.


The College systematically reviews policies and coordinates the development of new policies as appropriate. This involves liaising with the college community. All Policies are then endorsed by College Council.

Below is an alphabetical listing which is a comprehensive list of all College Policies. Policies can be obtained from College Administration Office. Follow the links below for a number of our most requested policies.


Our college has adopted the Department of Education’s Privacy Policy.  Please click here for full details.


Please click below to veiw our College policies.

Anaphylaxis Policy

Anti Bulling and Anti Haressment Policy

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Asthma Management Policy

Camps and Excursions Policy

Cash Receipting Policy

CCTV Policy

Child Safe Code of Conduct Policy

Child Safe Policy

Child Safety Reporting and Obligations Policy

Commitment to child safety

Communication Management for College Policies

Communication with School Staff Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Curriiculum Framework Policy

Digital Technologies Policy

Duty of Care Policy

Electronic Funds Management Policy

External Providers Policy

Fundraising Policy

Health Care Needs Policy

Homework Policy

Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Investment Policy

Medications Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Parent Code of Conduct Policy

Parent Payments Policy

Parent-Carer Complaints Policy

Personal Mobile Devices Policy

Personal Property Policy

Photographing, filming and recording students Policy

Staff Leave Policy

Statement of Values and School Philosophy

Student Attendance Policy

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

Sunsmart Policy

Tarneit P-9 Emergency Evacuation Process

Tarneit P-9 Enrolment Policy

Uniform Policy

Visitors in School Policy

Volunteers Policy

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy