OUR SCHOOL - Library

The College includes two Libraries both a junior (Prep to Grade 2) and Senior (Year 3 to 9).

Our College libraries are located in the heart of both major buildings and are integral to the learning and teaching goals of the College community.

The Senior Library is located in Building C in the centre of the school grounds. This has a flexible design space with 3 mobile learning areas to educate children for an exciting future.

The Junior Library is located in the centre of the Administration building and is a welcoming first view for all who enter the school. This Library also caters for our local Kindergarten.

Both Libraries provide both curriculum support and recreational reading and time out spaces.

We encourage parents to help and assist in the library and run meetings, parent forum/workshops and events regularly.

For further information about this, please contact the College Administration or one of our College Librarians.

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