CURRICULUM - Primary Subjects


French is one of the most important and widely used languages in the world. It is spoken in many countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the South Pacific.

French at Tarneit P-9 College is taught from Foundation to Year 9 in a one-hour weekly class. The curriculum we offer is an authentic and meaningful language learning experience that aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students:

• communicate in French
• understand the relationship between language, culture and learning
• develop intercultural capabilities
• understand themselves as communicators

We aim to inspire an interest in the French speaking culture that will encourage our students to continue with a lifelong love for learning languages and respect for other cultures.

Physical Education

At Tarneit P-9 College students experiment and develop physical skills which can be used for the rest of their lives. These skills are applicable to a wide range of sports but also everyday life skills. We aim to develop their interest in sport to create a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

In years Prep to Three, students are progressing their fundamental motor skills such as throwing and catching. They are also learning how to apply these skills in game and activity based situations.

In years Four to six, students are learning how to apply these skills in a more complex way such as using fundamental motor skills to implement strategies and making correct decisions under pressure.


The Arts at Tarneit P – 9 College allows students to explore their creativity in a variety of different medium including Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Media Arts and Visual Communication and Design. Building their knowledge in practical and theoretical components in The Arts helps expands skills and techniques that are transferable.

Students have opportunities to share, present and perform within the classroom and to the community.


Primary Science at Tarneit P-9 College, allows students to actively engage in the Scientific Method which is a worldwide standardised approach to critically ask, hypothesise, record, analyse and evaluate various scientific concepts in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Earth science.

Students work collaboratively and are provided with hands on resources to understand and answer important questions such as, How do I know if something is alive? What will happen if I combine these two materials? Why do only some countries have four seasons? How can I make an object move without touching it?

Being a scientist is exciting, challenging, enlightening, but most of all, it’s lots of fun!

Tarneit College also offers the following programs:

  • Dance
  • Clubs
  • Lunchtime sports
  • Instrumental music lessons
  • Camps
  • Year level excursions/incursions
  • Sports programs - swimming, inter school sports and external
  • Choir